A few weeks after moving to San Francisco in March 2004, I started looking for jobs and by the end of May, I had an offer for my dream job as a Sr. Systems Engineer at Premier Retail Networks. After a year or so doing that, I got a promotion to Research & Development Manager. PRN is a great place to work, and I get to geek out with cool, bright people while we work on technology that is ridiculously fun and usually [b]leading edge. Oh, and as if that weren't enough, every day millions of people interact with my work!

So what is it that I actually do? When I try to answer this, people's eyes usually start to glaze over a few minutes into the explation, so if you're interested, maybe you'd prefer to you can take a peek at the job description.

In addition to the day job I also do some freelance work; I really haven't done much since I moved out to SF, though, but I am planning to get more involved in the freelance stuff after a finish up a few more projects I'm working on. Primarily, I'm interested in doing more of the real-time special effects on live video "stuff"...but I've also been doing quite a bit of photography lately as well – whatever I do, I'm sure I'll be staying quite busy! :)