Since getting my digital camera in June 2002, I have been able to take thousands of pictures. As time wore on, I found it increasingly cumbersome to present the pictures in a way I liked and thought looked good. Then one day I found this great utility called JAlbum which is fully customizable and pretty much automated (once you get it setup). These are the albums I've created with it. I've yet to go back and redo the albums I had before using JAlbum.

Enjoy the photo albums...they tell stories.

    September 2005
  • My friend, Jon Offredo, was in town, taking some clients around Napa and invited Tonya and I to go up with them for the weekend. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity b/c exploring wine country with Jon makes going without him feel like some cattle call at a brewery. When you're in the industry, the vineyards give you VIP treatment and boy do they know how to treat their VIPs. :) Needless to say, we had a lovely weekend!
    May 2005
  • After a night listening to jazz and the sound of bourbon falling into my belly, I was awoken numerous times on Sunday morning by friends calling to make the last minute plans for how we were all going to meet up to do the Bay to Breakers "run". Around 9:30 a couple friends showed up to restock their back packs w/ beer and unstock their bladders from the beer's gone by. It was convenient for us all since my house is only a block from the course. [See Videos: Video 1 | Video 2]
    June 2004
  • After riding my brother's scooter for the longest time, I finally got my own! The day after I took delivery, I spent the whole day riding my shiny new scooter all over San Francisco. Here's some pictures from that day (this is way before I was able to attach the top case that is on it now).
    May 2004
  • I had an opportunity to shoot my first fashion show this past week (May 19th)...what a treat! Fashion has always been a love of mine, and a real indulgence – what's not to like about gorgeous girls in beautiful clothes? I sure learned a lot about shooting a fashion show at this event and had a great time. In addition to my pictures, you're also gonna get my commentary on the clothes; some of it's pretty critical and some of it's not, but all of it is simply my [untrained] thoughts and impressions of the work (and in some cases the girls). I sure would be interested to hear back from some of the designers (and models). :)
  • What a way to start off May - Coachella Music Festival! This was one hell of a hot weekend just east of Palm Springs, CA in the Coachella Valley. What a lineup of entertainment, though! We had a fantastic time camping and listening to great music all weekend. See a panorama of the grounds or take a look at the huge photo album! This album is basically from only the first day we were there too, because I wasn't able to smuggle my "professional" camera in the second day.
    April 2004
  • So I've always wanted to go to a Cherry Blossom festival and I finally made it to one...and just in time for the Grand Parade of the 2004 Northern California Cherry Blossom festival.
  • Kevin and I went to Lake Tahoe for the weekend & what a great time! We left SF at 7AM on Saturday and were on the slopes at Heavenly by 11 (good driving, Kev), napping by 5, and at the casino by 10 (where Kevin was up over $100 and I broke even)...what a great day. Sunday we opted to forgo the Spring skiing conditions and drive around the lake sight-seeing and hiking.
  • I just had a niece! Well, okay, my sister-in-law "had" her, but she's my niece...and she already has her own web site (kind of). :)
  • My brother threw a party in honor of me moving out to San Francisco; there was also something about a half-dozen people's birthdays, Maggy visiting, booze, & beats. :)
    December 2003
  • I took a road trip to Colorado to visit my friend Jered & his wife Jackie & daughter Juliet; we managed to squeeze in a weekend in Vail as well.
    November 2003
  • Florida with the family...and not with the family...isn't unemployment wonderful?
    September 2003
  • Car Show with Dad & Todd
  • My little nephew is just the cutest & he loves the's some pics from us at the zoo...unfortunately, he doesn't star in any of them...he seems to be camera shy.
  • So the Wexner family...Ohio's only Billionaires, they have this equestrian competition for charity every's some pictures from the one in 2003.
  • Columbus has a street fair every year where people make chalk art on the streets...these are some impressive artists considering their canvas.