So aside from the normal fun stuff of hanging out with friends 'n night life, there's a bunch of other stuff that I have fun doing. Sure, some people might consider them dorky, but the really cool people will realize how neat this stuff is. :)

As a good excuse to pursue some of my hobbies, I set up a little company and you can see some examples of this stuff there.

Some of the things that I'm particularly fond of are:
  • Traveling – any time I can travel, especially if it's some place I've never been before, I'm hella happy.
  • Gormet Cooking – I love to 'take it up a notch' in the kitchen.
  • I enjoy being outside – whether I'm camping, flying my kite, picking mushrooms, hiking, or having some drinks at an outdoor cafe, I enjoy being out 'n about.
  • Being a recovering performance artist, I still enjoy taking in as much artistic culture as I can; museums, theatre, live music, parades, whatever...if it's live and there's costumes, I'm game!
  • Real-time special effects on live video, which kind of falls into the VJ category.
  • Photography. I enjoy taking pictures, editing them, and having my own artwork on the walls. I especially like to take pictures of small (macro) things.