Dosa Bigger than My Head!
just sun my paw, please
Best game of backgammon EVER!
Miyo's japanese restaurant in hilo
Happy Birthday, my love
The youth of today
Graduation present for Habiba
it's a good view - top of the fairmont
slow food nation has absinth
glad i got upgraded for this 5-hr flight
on the road again...
war = bad
valentine's day
Tea time
back online
Sunny Day...
The unc's...
I love my job!
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival Crowd
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Banjo Extravaganza
Restorative Water Technologies through Biomimicry
My Brother's First Show at a Major Gallery Sells Out Before Opening!
Real World Education from the ACLU
Treadmill Fun
Kevin's First Magazine Cover
Trek Across Alaska
A Sleeping Bag for Every Limb!
Beer Map
Deep Fried Bacon!
ming and ping
Totally Cute Kittens
Omar Working
puffy clouds in SF
Tonya's birthday
murals in the mission
Dual Booting a MacBook
memories of chicago
xbox 360 availability
Blackalicious at the Fillmore
The Plate that Did Me In
Christmas Brunch
mantle art
Duck Duck Goose
A sign of our times
Kodak is Throwing a Party!
Ski Jumping in Pacific Heights
Best Seat on the Plane!
How to Have Fun at Wal*Mart
You Know You're in the Southwest When...
Talk Like a Pirate Day is Today!
Nokia Customer 'Service' (with phone numbers!)
The Thing About My Folks – Reviewed
My First Technology Hand-Me-Down
First Day of School
My Nephew's the Cutest!
Shopping at Filene's
Jack-O-Lantern Art
Thomson Acquires PRN (my employer)
Sen. Hillary Clinton vs. the Xbox
A Problem With Capitalism
My First Sail Boat Race!
Shoot 'em in the Boobs!
Russian River Blues Festival
Just One More...
Look at Me! :)
Outside of Hartford Family Winery
Toast to Tonya
The View from Iron Horse Vineyards
Cutest Little Coffee Shop
Enjoying a PicNic at Lynmar Winery
Brian's Roasting his Weiner Over the Fire
Hanging Out on the Banks of the Russian River
Doing a Little Exploring
Chairs Reserve Your Space in Line
Leaving the City for the Weekend
Review of Mambo Kings - The Musical
Alice Watches the Rabbit Hole
Kesha's in Town! :-)
45" LCD HDTV (1920x1080)
The Universe Within
Another Day at the Beach
Who Does This?
The Aftermath
They're Multiplying
This guy
Waitin' for Friends
A New Way to Tie Your Shoes!
A Starter Home in SF
Finally! A Reason to Visit the East Bay.
At the Ball Game
Takin' Pictures
Surfing Museum
Cutest Commercial EVER!
Street Art in SF
Outside the Boom Boom Room
The Power of the Unions
Where Are Your Priorities?
Rock 'n Roll Kevin
'Infomania' Worse Than Marijuana
Gas Prices
First Day Surfing!
Google's Dominance
How Others See 'Bushism' & The USA
Another Day at the Beach
FEMA Makes Tsunami Game for Kids!
Happy Birthday, Dad!
Voting Today
Without A Doubt - How Bush Runs the World
Occasional thoughts on an accidental president
The French Know How to Party!
Free Internet – The Way it Should Be.
Pictures of the Weird
Only in SF
Apparently it's True! Voters Are Idiots.
First Day Taking MUNI to Work
Big Winner!
Roku Media Player
My New Piaggio Scooter
Stacy Moved out Today
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Movie Review
[Dream] Job Offer Accepted!
Google Advertising Arrives on My Blog
First Poker Night in SF!
Passed Motorcycle Skills Test!
Howard Dean – Syndicated!
Swedes have a Condom Express!
Bush is a Dirty Scoundrel
The Walrus
The Day in Review
Honoring Memorial Day
The Day in Review
No Nekkid Men in 2004
13 Going on 30 – Movie Review
Hello World!